Imperial Cleaners Offers Clothing Repair and Alterations

Clothing Alterations Idaho Falls

There are many reasons why you will need your family’s clothing altered or repaired. With the cost of new clothing going up, it’s usually more economical to seek out clothing repair in Idaho Falls rather than to dispose of a garment simply because it needs a new button or zipper. Often, it is also more economical to have Idaho Falls clothing alterations done rather than buy everything new simply because your clothes don’t fit properly. Last but not least, repairing and altering second-hand clothing is a creative and earth-friendly thing to do.

Imperial Cleaners does clothing repair in Idaho Falls. Whether you need a button replaced on a favorite blouse, a zipper repaired on a pair of jeans, or a hole patched on a jacket sleeve you can depend on Idaho Falls clothing alterations specialists at Imperial Cleaners to do the job.

Everything from a business suit to hand-me-downs can be custom tailored by Idaho Falls clothing alterations experts at Imperial Cleaners. Weight gain or loss can require an adjustment in your wardrobe and seams can be let out or taken in. A new business suit purchased off-the-rack may require sleeves shortened or slacks lengthened. Children’s clothing can be altered in order to make them last another year or two. With the help of Imperial Cleaners, saving money on clothes can be a snap.

Idaho Falls Wedding Gown Dry CleaningLook at the clothes you find at yard sales and thrift stores from a new perspective. See the potential in the basic style and fabric content with Idaho Falls clothing alterations and clothing repair at Imperial Cleaners in mind. Not only will you be helping to create a one of a kind garment, but you will also be helping the environment. Another consideration is that unique, custom-recycled garments are very popular now.


Store-bought clothes are not made to fit as they once were which means that you will need Idaho Falls clothing alterations done to get a custom fit. Extend the life of your family’s wardrobe with clothing repair in Idaho Falls. For the best quality clothing repair in Idaho Falls and earth-friendly alterations, look no further than Imperial Cleaners.

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